Finished, last night, the second installment to my sashiko stitched alphabet. This U, or is it an N, was worked itself out mostly while catching up on streamed episodes of 30 Rock.


Finished the latest sashiko swatch. I've got no idea what this one, and hopefully a slew of similarly alphabetic motifs, will conspire to be. Likely, it will just hang on the boards for a few months gathering dust while interest in other projects waxes and wanes.

Tucked away

I made the pouch with a pattern from here

Worksheets for travel

I laminated some alphabet practice sheets, along with some tic tac toe grids (which The Boy is nuts for) for diversions while eating out or traveling. Read more at Lovelihood

Travel diversions

I sealed the heat-set laminating pockets (which are supposed to be used with laminating machines) with a hot iron over a pressing cloth. It totally did the trick. A scrap of wool wipes the marks off handily. Read more at Lovelihood

G is for Guitar

The latest in the alphabet. I've decided not to do them in alphabetical order. Guitars had been on my brain lately. Read more about me at

A is for apples

Still waiting for the swatch to arrive, but already working on a second letter. Quilt maybe?