2012: Apr 11

Spring rolls are among the dinner table staples that the kids took their time coming around to. But, always knowing they would eventually come around to the meal (there's no part of this that doesn't involve manhandling the food, and reaching across the table and over laps for more papers and tofu and dipping access — what's not to love?) we persevered and included it in our repertoire. And now, of course, it's a favorite, though early attempts at spring roll assembly inevitably end in messy but delicious failure.

2012: Apr 10

For a look-see, I held up the shaft of the Kid's goodie-bag toy telescope, and then turned it around for an anti-telescopic effect.

2012: Apr 9

It's a stitchy sampler of sorts, taking the form of what I hope will soon be a scarf.

2012: Apr 5

Moments after the seventeenth unexpected hailstorm of the season dispensed its last frozen nugget on our deck, the sky cleared up again, making way for glorious toddler-cycling up and down our block.

2012: Apr 4

Some days, the only picture I manage to snap is of a blurry child in an Indiana Jones fedora, trying to pass as a pirate with a tambourine. Some days, that's enough.

2012: Apr 3

We stepped out the door on our morning walk to school in briefest of moments between rain events, and instead of hustling up the hill, heads lowered under our hoods, we were able to idle by our spring-fresh bulbs, discovering their floral-sweet scents that stuck with us even as the sky opened up and started to rain down again.

2012: Apr 2

To complete the post-it wallet project, I needed a couple of stubby pencils. Short of buying a big box of golf pencils or grabbing a couple from The Boy's school library, I have no source for stubby pencils. And I'm pretty much opposed to having a a gross of anything on hand, and also to stealing from schools. Which pretty much leaves subjecting two fresh pencils to that old-school sharpener attached to the banister upstairs (still don't know why it's there, but it's come in handy, so I'll stop asking).