2012: Apr 12

I finally finished my little stitching project and ran it through the sewing maching to add a jersey lining and it call it a finished scarf. Tomorrow, hopefully, I send it away and get around to completing some other projects around here before May sets in.


The standard three-seat configuration of airplanes and the four-person configuration of our family makes for a generally unrestful travel experience. And today I was the single row parent. But for the first time in 5- plus years -- maybe it was the kids' natural good-natured ness, maybe it was our abundance of electronic devices -- I was able to work on my own project in semi-peace. And air travel suddenly became a lot less painful.


All of my crafty spare time has been spent sweltering under a quilt while I stitch its layers together. So it was nice to sit at a coffee shop with a latte, donut and a managable swatch of sashiko, small enough to tuck into my purse. Gray thread on gray fabric. Going for more of a tonal, textural effect this time.


While puttering around the fabric store the other day — The Boy feeling through quilt back options and I indiscriminately grabbing at fat quarters and miscellaneous craft supplies — we tripped over a sweet-hued stash of perle embroidering cottons. So, with yesterday's completion of u under my belt, I took some down-time at work to plot out the next alphabetic venture.


Finished, last night, the second installment to my sashiko stitched alphabet. This U, or is it an N, was worked itself out mostly while catching up on streamed episodes of 30 Rock.


A little more stitching. Lots of little curves to take slowly.


I don't know how we, as geeky parents, let it get to this late stage without screening Star Wars for The Boy. But enough of his classmates have been spreading the good word on sci-fi/superhero super-awesomeness that he's already on a first name basis with characters like Yoda and C-3PO and Iron Man and Optimus Prime. So ignoring the morning dishes, I popped in Episode IV (not ready to expose him to the likes of Jar Jar Binks just yet, thank you very much) and sat down to some needlework and the Boy's clarifying questions, mostly involving the goodness or badness of the characters. And what did the hairy one just say? And what is a Jedi? And what kind of a thing is Jabba? And those guys are just pretending to be bad, right? I hadn't remembered it being such a long movie.