2012: Feb 14

By the time I got home the kids had safely in bed, sleeping off all the sugar they must have consumed today. But they did leave behind for me some treats and sweet sentiments.

Some stitching at breakfast with coffee

Felt hearts are pretty awesome on their own, but with coffee they're just perfect.

2012: Feb 11

Is it too much to say that I'm over-the-moon in love with the Valentines The Boy and I worked up this year? Labor intensive as they sometimes were (I mean, what possessed me to have us press our own paper pulp seed pucks?), the end product kicks some serious Valentine ass. If I do say so myself. And, finishing them up this afternoon, The Boy put his shoelace-tying skills to some practical use.

Valentine with plantable take-away

I particularly love the little illustrations I came up with for the planting directions. Had to keep it pithy for the Kindergartener attention spans (and reading level).

Valentine Card with plantable puck thing

So, there's no real link to V-day other than the fact that it says "Happy Valentine's Day." I'm ok with that. That's a seed-embedded paper pulp puck attached to a toothpick and finished with a little flag labeling the plant variety. I'll call it an unmitigated success if nobody tries to eat it.

2012: Feb 10

These little hearts, like the similarly felt hearts I made up last year, are just so precious I want to gather them all up and nuzzle them against my cheek. Or a more likely scenario: I'm so frazzled with all the V-day makings that I shove them into Bear's little hands to just get rid of them already.

The prototype and the work to be done

The new inkjet printer performed valiantly, though the cards did tax the starter ink supplies. We'll call that streaking part of the design. Kindergarteners, I find, are pretty forgiving of printing anomalies.