2012: May 8

We've milked 5 years of enjoyment out of this puzzle. It's perhaps time to let it go.

2012: Apr 3

We stepped out the door on our morning walk to school in briefest of moments between rain events, and instead of hustling up the hill, heads lowered under our hoods, we were able to idle by our spring-fresh bulbs, discovering their floral-sweet scents that stuck with us even as the sky opened up and started to rain down again.

2012: Mar 21

The last two girl scout cookies of the season. Kind of glad to see them go. I don't have the resolve to resist these kinds of things.

2012: Mar 20

I pulled out some mightily stale balloons to get a heads up on Eastering. To say that my cheeks are sore is a gross understatement. And also an unfair statement, as I had The Mr. blow up the lion's share of mini balloons once he got back from the gym.

2012: Mar 2

The Boy, The Mr. and the car were off for the day at a chess tournament. And left to our own lunchtime devices, Bear and I came up with a haphazard array of pantry and refrigerator dregs. It was a lot like an amply stocked Lunchable, with a healthy portion of produce on the side.

2012: Feb 23

The latest issue of my favorite magazine arrived in a manila envelope warning of dated content, looking very much like a prospectus for some investment opportunity. I really can't oversell this publication. That is, if you're not averse to the idea of eating or looking at pictures of animal flesh, and don't mind your food writing punctuated by lots of profanity and references to genitalia.